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Caldwell Nursery in Rosenberg, Texas is a short 25 minute drive from Houston out the S.W. Freeway. Our nursery covers 6 acres and includes extensive, well maintained display gardens in addition to our retail areas and greenhouses. Our specialty is rare and unusual plants suitable for the greater Houston / Rosenberg area, including bamboo, tropical and cold hardy fruit trees, bedding plants, vegetables, seeds, gift and collector plants, succulents and cacti, gingers, roses, bromeliads, and herbs.

Caldwell Nursery carries a great selection of tropicals, trees, cacti, succulents, bamboo for Texas, bulbs, palms, ferns, herbs, native plants, orchids, roses, vegetables, variegated plants, books, calendars, chimes, seeds, garden art, garden supplies, garden tools, and wire baskets.

Due to seasonal variation, not all plants are available all the time.

The Source for Bamboo in Texas

Texas Bamboo Source

  • Giant Timber Bamboo
  • Clumping Hedge Bamboo
  • Variegated Bamboo
  • Hard to find and rare Tropical Bamboo

Size range - 5 to 200 gallons.
Prices $25 up.
We carry most bamboo
suitable for Houston area landscapes

Complete Bamboo List is Here

Caldwell Nursery offers one of the largest selections of non-invasive clumping bamboo available. We maintain a large specimen garden of 40 plus species of bamboo for our visitors to see what their potential bamboo selections will look like planted in the ground.

We are committed to offering collectors the widest selection of rare and unusual bamboo available in Texas.

All of our bamboo are non-invasive clumping varieties. We no longer propagate any runners at all except on special request.

Fall Bamboo Specials

"Perfect for Living Screens and Fences"

Now available

Starfruit! Beautiful 15 gal. $75
Hardy Cinnamomum chekiangensis 7 gal. $75
Michelia laevifolia - Related to Magnolias - 15 gal. $125
Machilus thunbergii - Japanese Bay tree - 3 gal. $25

Fresh batch of citrus

Owari Satsuma, Rio Red Grapefruit, Algerian Tangerine Clementine, Meyer Lemon, Persian Lime, Republic of Tx Orange - all 3 gal. $40

Onion sets now in!

Back in stock

Cold hardy avocados - Mexicola and Lila, 3 gal. $45

Now available!

Simarouba glauca - Paradise tree, Rare! 1 gal. - $15
Portlandia coccinea - Red Lily tree, 2 gal. - $15
Combretum constrictum - Thai Powderpuff, 2 gal. - $15
Brunfelsia isola - Purple Lady of the Night, 2 gal. - $15
Petrea volubilis white form - White Queen's Wreath vine, Rare to find! 2 gal. - $15

Collector Plants

Stictocardia beraviensis - Hawaiian Sunset Vine
Hawaiian Sunset Vine

Citharexylum spinosum, Fiddlewood
Variegated Eleagnus 'Gilt Edge'
Brunfelsia magnifica giant yesterday, today and tomorrow
Gardenia tubifera kula
Banana raja puri, dwarf hardy banana
Perfume tree, Fagraea berteriana

Visit our Collector Pages

Passion Vines

Passiflora citrina flower

  • Passiflora alata 'Ruby Glow'
  • P. quadrangularis
  • P. alata-x-cearulea
  • P. foetida "Tagua"
  • P. incarnata
  • P. 'Incense'
  • P. 'Lady Margaret'
  • P. platyloba
  • P. 'Bat Wing'
  • P. edulis

See Passion Flower Vine Page


philodendron glaucophyllum

Rare Philodendrons


Aechmea 'Del Mar' Bromeliad
Bromeliad Aechmea 'Del Mar'
6 inch pot - $25

We carry many varieties of bromeliads, both hardy and very collectable tropical specimen plants.


Curcuma rubescens - Ruby Ginger

Assorted unique ginger varieties available. Gingers are dormant until weather warms up.

Visit our Ginger Page

Butterfly & Bird Plants

Orange Barred Sulphur Butterfly

Butterfly & Bird Plants

Check out our Butterfly Page

Lemon Eucalyptus


Look Inside

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Organic Seeds

Baker Creek Seeds
Botanical Interests Seeds
Renee's Garden Seeds

Excellent Seed Selections in stock now.

Cactus Fountains

Caldwell Specialty - Cactus Fountains
CayDee creates lovely dish gardens. One of her most popular is her 'Cactus Fountain' series.
Click the image above for a larger picture.