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Fruit and Nut Trees & Vines

Tree Variety Description Availability Info
Almond All in One low chill   not available 2014
Almond Garden Prince Self fertile dwarf tree, medium size soft shell. Good quality sweet kernels, nice pink blooms mid-season. Ripens late September. Patented variety! 250 chilling hours out of stock
Almond Halls Hardy   out of stock
Almond Nonpareil $35 - 5 gallon ½" cal.
Almond Ne Plus $45 - 7 gallon ¾" cal.
Almond Texas Mission   out of stock
Apple 3 n 1 mild climate combo $75 - 7 gallon
Apple Anna Large crops of sweet crisp self fruitful, low chill, 200 chilling hours. Red with yellow blush, bears late June. EZpick $45 - 7 gallon
Apple Anna (Dwarf) Dwarf out of stock
Apple Beverly Hills EZpick out of stock
Apple Dorsett Large firm sweet golden delicious type, low chill, pollinates with Anna. out of stock
Apple Einsheimer Low chill variety from Israel. Prolific and self fertile, crunchy fruit medium size, reddish blush, 300 chilling hours.  EZpick $45 - 7 gallon
Apple Fuji From Japan, a self fertile sweet flavorful, ripens mid September. Reddish orange skin, 500 chilling hours. $35 - 7 gallon
Apple Gala Desert apple from New Zealand, crisp, sweet, and tart mix, rich flavor. Red/orange over yellow skin, early self fertile, 500 chilling hours. $35 - 7 gallon
Apple Gordon not available 2014
Apple Granny Smith Sweet and tart mix. crunchy, very popular variety, needs pollinator. $25 - 3 gallon
Apple Pettingill Large, round deep red skin. Good crisp, juicy, table, sauce and pie apple. Excelllent red apple for low chill areas, ripens August - September - 300 chill hrs. EZpick out of stock
Apple Pink Lady Pat.

low chill, self fertile hot climate apple from Australia blush pink over green.  Snappy tartness,balanced with a touch of crisp, sweet flavor. Good keeper, white flesh resists browning. Harvest late October. EZpick

$45 - 5 gallon
Apple Pink Lady Pat. (dwarf)


$45 - 5 gallon
Apple Sundowner

low chill dessert apple red, New!

$45 - 5 gallon ¾" cal.
Apricot Garden Annie EZpick $45 - 7 gallon
Apricot Goldkist   $45 - 7 gallon ¾" cal.
Apricot Katy Great for mild winter areas, fruit large and flavorful. Good for drying, fresh eating and canning. Self fertile freestone ripens June, 350 chill hrs. EZpick not available 2014
Apricot Royal Large yellow to orange fruit with excellent flavor. Ripens in June, self fertile, low chilling requirements. not available 2014
Apricot Tropic Gold EZpick (prepruned for more compact growth and multi branched ) $35 -5 gallon
Avocado Brazos Belle Cold hardy ! out of stock
Avocado Fantastic Cold hardy ! $45 - 3 gallon
Avocado Joey Cold hardy ! out of stock
Avocado Lila Hybrid from Mexico $45 - 3 gallon
Avocado Mexicola Cold hardy ! $45 - 3 gallon
Avocado Pancho Cold hardy ! $45 - 3 gallon
Cherry Dwarf Mexican bush Dwarf, self fertile, edible tart cherry that can be used as a hedge or small tree. Outstanding fall red foilage and wonderfully fragrant pink flowers in spring. Fruit ripens about August. Attractive to birds. This much sought-after cherry was the favorite plant of the infamous native plantsman, Lynn Lowery. Great plant for small gardens as it only gets 4 to 5 feet. out of stock

Cherry of the Rio Grande

Eugenia aggregata Sweet, tart, ribbed orange to red cherry size fruit from a small tree native to Surinam and northern South America. Delicious in cooking or right off the tree. Widely grown in central and south Florida. (Eugenia aggregata) Zone 9 hardy shrub, grows 6 feet tall. $45 - 3 gallon
Cherry Minnie Royal dwarf root stock out of stock
Cherry Royal Lee dwarf root stock out of stock
Fig Blackjack Large long purplish fruit with strawberry red flesh. A natural semi-dwarf that can be kept under to 8'. Sweet and juicy, heavy producer. Ripens June to September $35 - 5 gallon
Fig Black Mission   $35 - 5 gallon
Fig Brown Turkey Large brown, bell shaped (purplish brown) with light strawberry flesh. $15 - 5 gallon
Fig Celeste Small to medium pear shaped fruit is violet in color. Flesh is white shading to rose, very sweet, firm and juicy, used for table, canning and preserves. Frost resistant. 'The sugar fig'. $25 - 7 gallon
Fig Golden Celeste   not available 2014
Fig Kadota   $35 - 5 gallon
Fig LSU Purple   out of stock
Fig Magnolia   out of stock
Fig Panache(Tiger fig)   $35 - 5 gallon
Fig Peters Honey   $35 - 5 gallon
Fig Texas Blue Giant $35 - 5 gallon
Fig Texas Ever-bearing Large brownish bell shaped fruit, amber flesh, bears young and gives good crop in short season areas. out of stock
Fig White Genoa $35 - 5 gallon
Fig White Kadota Med. lemon yellow skin. Amber flesh with few seeds. Very sweet good fresh or canning type. Fruit needs hot weather to ripen. $35 - 5 gallon
Grape Autumn Seedless not available
Grape Autumn Royal out of stock
Grape Black Spanish   out of stock
Grape Blueberry Seedless purple blue grape hint of blueberry flavor. Ripens August thru September out of stock
Grape Cowart   out of stock
Grape Muscadine   out of stock
Grape Princess Seedless, white out of stock
Grape Red Ruby Flame Seedless, red skin, firm flesh, ripens late July out of stock
Grape Ruby Seedless out of stock
Grape Texas Red Flame out of stock
Guava Regular Guava   out of stock
Guava Barbie Pink   $45 - 3 gallon
Guava Tikal   $45 - 3 gallon
JuJuBe GA 866   not available 2014
JuJuBe Li   out of stock
JuJuBe Sugarcane   $75 - 5 gallon deeproot
Mayhaw Native Mayhaw   $15 - 2 gallon
Mango Carrie   out of stock
Mango Ice Cream   out of stock
Mango Mallika The result of the hybridization of the Indian mango varieties 'Neelum' and 'Dasheri'. Harvest from June to July. $45 - 3 gallon
Mango Nam Doc Mai   $45 - 3 gallon
Mulberry Black Beauty   $85 - 15 gallon
Mulberry Giant fruiting Mulberry   $45 - 3 gallon
Mulberry Native Red Mulberry   out of stock
Mulberry Pakistan Bush Fruiting   out of stock
Mulberry Peruvian Everbearing   $45 - 3 gallon
Nectarine Arctic Fantasy EZpick not available 2014
Nectarine Arctic Snow Low-acid, white-fleshed freestone nectarine. not available 2014
Nectarine Arctic Star white not available 2014
Nectarine Desert Delight $45 - 7 gallon
Nectarine Panamint Attractive red skinned yellow freestone, intense flavor, nice acid sugar balance, dependable favorite ripens late July, self fruitful, 250 chilling hours. EZpick out of stock
Nectarine Snow Queen EZpick. huge 1" calip. Extra heavy multi branched beautiful! $35 - 7 gallon
Nectarine Southern Belle (dwarf) Dwarf. 30" STD $75 - 30 gallon 1" cal.
Nectarine Sunred $30 - 5 gallon
$45 - 7 gallon ¾" cal.
Olive Arbequina Spanish olive out of stock
Olive Arbosana Italian olive out of stock
Olive Carboncella Italian olive out of stock
Olive Frantoio Italian olive $25 - 2 gallon
Olive Koroneiki Greek olive $25 - 2 gallon
Olive Leccino Italian olive out of stock
Olive Manznillia Spanish olive out of stock
Olive Mission American $25 - 2 gallon
$15 - 4inch
Olive Taggiasca Italian olive out of stock
Peach 3 n 1 mild climate combo $75 - 7 gallon
Peach August Pride   out of stock
Peach Babcock   $35 - 5 gallon
Peach Bonanza miniature   out of stock
Peach Desert Gold   $30 - 3 gallon ½" cal.
Peach Donut (Stark Saturn), EZpick, a little higher chill and smaller fruit than Saturn out of stock
Peach Double Jewel $45 - 7 gallon 5/8" cal.
Peach Early Amber   $45 - 7 gallon ¾" cal.
Peach Early Grande   $45 - 7 gallon 5/8" cal.
Peach Eve's Pride   $45 - 7 gallon ¾" cal.
Peach Florida Prince   $45 - 7 gallon ¾" cal.
$75 - 15 gallon
Peach Galaxy bagel peach out of stock
Peach June Gold Early ripening, 650 chilling hours, excellent commercial variety, yellow fleshed, clingstone, not self fertile. out of stock
Peach La Feliciana Yellow fleshed freestone, adapts to warmer areas. 550 hours chilling time, ripens in mid June. Not self fertile. $25 - 5 gallon
Peach Long Beach An excellent peach for low chill areas. Med. to large, skin red over yellow, yellow flesh, firm sweet and juicy. Heavy production without need of pollinator. Ripens late May. From a chance seedling found in Long beach Calif. $35 - 5 gallon
Peach May Pride $45 - 7 gallon ¾" cal.
Peach Mid Pride Good flavor dessert quality, yellow freestone ripens mid June, self fruitful, 250 chilling hours does well on the coast. $45 - 7 gallon ¾" cal.
Peach Red Baron Flowering Peach, with beautiful double red flowers. Good free stone fruit ripens in July, 250 hours chilling time, does well in warm areas. $45 - 7 gallon
Peach Rio Grande Large freestone, self fertile. Low chill, 400 hours, ripens in May. Excellent early peach for warmer areas. $25 - 3 gallon
Peach, Dwarf Sam Houston
Dwarf. Low chill, self fertile, does good in the South. Good quality yellow fleshed freestone, 500 hours chilling time, ripens in June. Popular and adaptable. $25 - 3 gallon
Peach Santa Barbara EZpick $35 - 5 gallon
Peach Saturn Hard to find. Excellent flavor, low chill, white fleshed freestone. Sweet prolific, self fertile, mid-season. Patented, outstanding! EZpick $35 - 7 gallon
Peach, Dwarf Southern Flame Dwarf $45 - 5 gallon
Peach, Dwarf Southern Rose Dwarf. very beautiful and unique looking $45 - 7 gallon ¾" cal.
Peach Sweet Bagel   $45 - 5 gallon ½" cal.
Peach Texas King   $25 - 3 gallon
Peach Texas Prince   $25 - 3 gallon
Peach Texas Star Texas A&M variety, sets heavy crops, yellow fleshed freestone, 450 chilling hours, ripens in June. Large fruit are self fertile. $35 - 7 gallon ¾" cal.
Peach Tropic Snow   $35 - 7 gallon 5/8" cal.
$45 - 7 gallon ¾" cal.
$75 - 15 gallon
Pear, Asian 20th Century Self fertile, prolific juicy, sweet crisp, wonderful flavor. Small heavy bearing tree, pollinates with most other varieties. $35 - 5 gallon
Pear, Asian Hosui Medium to large fruit is sweet fine grained flesh. Ripens late, pollinate with 20th Century or Shinko. $45 - 7 gallon
Pear, Asian Apple (nijisseiki) Med. round, thin yellow green skin. Firm ,juicy cream white flesh. A Japenese pear of distinction! Ripens July-August. 400 chill hours. Called apple pear! $55 - 7 gallon
Pear, Asian Shinko Late ripening, excellent quality. Juicy fruit is sweet flavorful, crisp like an apple. Self fruitful or pollinate with 20th Century or Hosui. $45 - 5 gallon
Pear, Asian Shinseki A medium-large, yellow pear with sweet mild and juicy flesh. Ripens July out of stock
Pear, Asian Tsu Li $45 - 5 gallon
Pear, Asian Ya Li $45 - 5 gallon
Pear, Asian Yoinashi $45 - 7 gallon
Pear 3 n 1 mild climate combo $75 - 7 gallon
Pear Perdue New pat. variety from Louisiana $25 - 5 gallon
Pear Southern Bartlett $45 - 7 gallon 5/8" cal.
Pear Southern King $45 - 7 gallon 5/8" cal.
Pear, European Hood   $35 - 5 gallon
Pear, European Orient Good cooking pear with large prolific cinnamon red new foliage. Self fruitful, 325 chilling hours, always a favorite. Delicious, easy to grow. not available 2014
Pear, European Pineapple Pear Older variety still popular for its delicious sweet fruit that tastes like pineapple. Excellent cook or eating sweet firm texture. Mid season, needs pollinator, popular yard tree. $35 - 5 gallon
Pear, European Seckel   $39.95 - 10 gallon
Pear, European Tennisoui   $45 - 7 gallon
Pear, European Warren Soft pear, self fertile, adaptable, sweet and juicy. Blight resistant, 600 hours chilling time. $25 - 5 gallon
Pecan Choctaw Cross between success and Mahan, high oil content, 60% kernel, thin hull, large and attractive, well adapted to most area, protogynous, this is an outstanding variety for our area. $85 - deeproot pot
Pecan Desirable One of the larger pecans, excellent crackers, bears early and is a heavy producer. Thin shell, disease resistant, protandrous, widely adaptable outstanding variety! out of stock
Pecan Elliot   out of stock
Pecan Jackson   $65 - deeproot pot
Pecan Mohawk New variety. Vigorous grower, nuts are large and full. Matures early, thin shell excellent for yard plantings, protogynous out of stock
Pecan Pawnee Cross between Mohawk and Star King, hardy giant cross, early large nut, high kernel %, protandrous, scab resistant. $35
Pecan Sumner    
Persimmon Chocolate $65 - 5 gallon
Persimmon Eureka Flat reddish medium size fruit is self fertile. $45 - 5 gallon
Persimmon Fuyu Self fertile, orange with light orange flesh. Medium sweet taste. Flat shaped fruit. Pest free, hardy attractive firm, non-astringent. $45 - 5 gallon
Persimmon Giant Fuyu (gosho)   $65 - 5 gallon
Persimmon Hachiya Large cone shaped fruit, self fertile, red skin, good producer. Astringent until soft ripe. $45 - 5 gallon
Persimmon Izu   not available 2014
Persimmon Maru   $65 - 7 gallon
Persimmon Native American   $25 - 5 gallon
Persimmon Saijo   $75 - 7 gallon
Persimmon Tamopan Very large flat orange fruit, upright grower, not self fruitful. $45 - 5 gallon
Persimmon Tanenashi   $45 - 7 gallon
Plum 3 n 1 low chill combo $75 - 7 gallon
Plum Beauty Sweet flavorful good along coastal areas. Red purple skin with red flesh, ripens in late May. Self fruitful low chill 250 hours. $45 - 7 gallon
Plum Burgundy   $45 - 7 gallon
Plum Catalina   $45 - 7 gallon
Plum Golden Nectar Patented, gold skin, gold fleshed juicy sweet fruit is large juicy and firm. Excellent storage, self fertile, low chill, 400hours. Outstanding and much sought after! $35 - 5 gallon
Plum Green Gage   $45 - 7 gallon
$65 - 15 gallon
Plum Inca Golden   $35 - 5 gallon
Plum Mariposa   $35 - 5 gallon
Plum Methley By far the most popular plum in the area. Self fertile large prolific freestone, purple plums are large and delicious. Amber flesh, ripens in June. $45 - 7 gallon
Plum Parfait Plumcot   $45 - 7 gallon
Plum Santa Rosa Large oval fruit are red skinned, firm flesh is yellow to darker near center. Rich tart flavor, self fertile, ripens in June. $25 - 5 gallon
Plum Satsuma Firm red flesh with a red skin. $35 - 5 gallon
Plum Shiro $45 - 7 gallon
Plum Southern Belle $45 - 15 gallon
Pomegranate Angel Red   $35 - 5 gallon bush type
$45 - 5 gallon tree type
Pomegranate Ambrosia   $35 - 5 gallon
Pomegranate Austin   $35 - 5 gallon
Pomegranate Desertnyi   $35 - 5 gallon
Pomegranate Eversweet   $35 - 5 gallon
Pomegranate Garnet Sash   $25 - 5 gallon
Pomegranate Kashmir   out of stock
Pomegranate Parfianka   $35 - 5 gallon
Pomegranate Pink Satin   out of stock
Pomegranate Red Silk   out of stock
Pomegranate Sharp Velvet   $25 - 5 gallon
Pomegranate Wonderful Large purple red fruit, bright orange blossoms. Ornamental foliage, has great fall color. Delicious and tangy Grenadine flavor, likes hot humid climates. 150 hours chilling time, self fruitful, outstanding tree in every aspect! $35 - 5 gallon bush type
$55 - 5 gallon tree type
Walnut Carpathian   not available 2014
Walnut Cooks Giant Sweet $75 - 15 gallon
Walnut English Thomas Large hard nut, hard shell, long lived variety, good yard tree. not available 2014
Walnut Pedro $75 - 15 gallon
Walnut Placentia $75 - 15 gallon

Pricing for Fruit Trees - 3, 5, 7, and 10 gallon size trees

We carry a huge selection of size and varieties of fruit and nut trees.
Availability and sizes change, we can not list every size and price here.
Please email or call for specifics on fruit tree varieties, pricing, and sizes available.

Prices depend on variety.

Pricing in general is...

Apple, Peach, Plum, Pear, and Fig Trees

5gl - $20 to $25.00
7gl. - $30 to $40
10 and 15gl - $35 to $55

Persimmons, Nut Trees and Asian Pear

A little more
Patented varieties of anything are a little more.


$15 to $20 in 3 or 5gl


$35 to $49.95 in 3,7,15gl.

Call for specifics and availability.


Taste Test for peaches in our fruit tree selection.

Starting from the best tasting

  • Tropic Snow, outstanding tangy sweet flavor #1
  • Florida Prince, sweet and juicy, large
  • Mid Pride, outstanding flavor
  • Red Baron, sweet and juicy rich flavor
  • La Feliciana, large rich and juicy
  • John Fanick, desert quality
  • Texas Star, large rich sweet flavor
  • Sam Houston, smaller but sweet, firm fruit
  • Florida King, large fruit not very juicy, a little dry

    Also Arctic Fantasy Nectarine, small but extremely juicy, sweet and tasty

* Not available for tasting. ...Saturn Peach, Rio Grande Peach, Eva's Pride Peach

Peach - Tropic Snow

This is a peach tree at our friend's house.

This peach is Tropic Snow.
It's a demonstration on how good the peaches bore in 2010 due to the cold winter weather of 2009-2010.

Its unusual to see any peaches load up with fruit like all of these did, in this area!


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